Business Advisory Services :

Articulating a vision, determining a path for growth and scalability, building an executable plan are all important to any organization. Quesrow works with leadership teams of client organizations to clarify long-term vision and outcomes, identify challenges and approaches to scaling impact and operations and create frameworks for measuring progress.

Any solution or approach our team creates is driven by rigorous analytics using diagnostic tools, quantitative and qualitative surveys, and other data analyses, as well comprehensive and meaningful stakeholder engagement.

Strategic Planning

Set clear and compelling visions and planning strategies informed by market, policy, and other environmental contexts that enable the achievement of goals

Growth Strategy

Develop growth goals and set strategies for scaling impact and operations, aligned to organizational and programmatic objectives

Market Entry

Define viable markets, identify entry points and develop realistic strategies to expand the organization’s reach

Measurement & Evaluation

Measure and articulate progress toward achieving intended program outcomes and design evaluation systems; for collecting and sharing data leading to actionable change and improved organizational effectiveness

Program Management

Setup a Program and Project Management Office to ensure insights convert into actionable tasks on ground along with continuous change management towards driving acceptance and adoption