Implementation & Change Management :

Overall changes that are required are broken down into smaller activities that can be easily implemented. Barriers for implementation are identified including change resistance, skill development and organizational development.

  • The approach for implementation begins with defining the objectives to be achieved.
  • Analyze the current process / system and the changes required to achieve the desired process / system along with the benefits expected.
  • Introduce steps / activities to achieve the desired process / systems and refining / standardizing depending on suitability.
  • Track the success based on benefits achieved and handover of the new process / system to the relevant stakeholders.

Process improvement

Process optimization by integrating operations rather than dealing in silos like sales, manufacturing, logistics, etc.

Supply chain management

Aligning supply chain to address the inherent needs of sales, operations and finance

Sourcing and procurement

Identification and selection of suppliers as well as drafting, negotiating and closing of contract to create value for organization

Leadership development

Invest in building a strong team by engaging people in a effective and collaborative environment